What's next?

Our CTO reports from the Jfokus Developer Conference in Stockholm.

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of attending Jfokus, Sweden’s largest developer conference, along with 1700 other participants. The conference consisted of three days packed full of exhibitions, talks and hands-on training.

The internet of things

The internet of things, IoT, attracted a lot of attention during the conference. The goal of IoT is to connect everyday things (home appliances, vehicles, health equipment etc.) to the internet and make them communicate with each other.

Even though there is plenty of smart home appliances already on the market, they often exist within their own ecosystem and can’t interact with other devices and objects. Just like many of the massive players on today’s internet, the IoT is expected to be built from the grassroots with big potential even for small startups. This has a lot to do with the endless possibilities of IoT that will range from agricultural automation to building smarter electrical grids. Or just to make sure you locked your front door.

Continuous delivery

From Gambit’s point of view, one of the most interesting topics was continuous delivery, a practice of automating and improving software delivery. Traditionally, software is developed over a long period of time until all features are completed. This can lead to massive delays when additional features are added along the way.

Continuous delivery relies on thorough testing and good development practices to make sure that any additional features can be deployed at any time, by adding features in smaller well defined pieces rather than big chunks of complex functionality at once.