For luxury boatbuilding yard, Baltic Yachts, quality and operational efficiency are essential cornerstones in business. To increase efficiency, Baltic Yachts wanted to streamline their internal food ordering system and contacted Gambit for a clever solution.

At Baltic Yachts, personnel lunches are ordered from a third party, with the internal kitchen gathering 300 employees’ orders from the company’s two locations. While this work was previously done manually, causing queues every morning at the lunch lists and a heavy work load for the kitchen personnel, Baltic Yachts felt that a digital solution would smoothen the process.

The outcome

Building on Baltic Yachts’ wishes and ideas, Gambit has created an easy-to-use food ordering application. With different interfaces, the application both caters to general and administrator users.

By downloading the application to an Android device, anyone can order their lunches for the coming week with the prices automatically deducted from their salary. Personnel or visitor lunch orders can also be placed using common tablets in the cafeteria, which anyone can log into with their personal ID cards.

During coffee breaks these tablets also function as kiosks, saving precious time. The administration of the application is web-based, including interfaces for the internal kitchen personnel and superuser and data transfer to the external kitchen and accounting.

“Having worked with Gambit before, I knew they were clever at creating applications. They are experienced and good at listening to customers’ needs. They are also able to serve us in our three different company languages.” Mats Andersson, ICT Manager, Baltic Yachts

What’s unique here?

Baltic Yachts’ application is unique in its 3-in-1 execution, which accommodates the needs of diverse users. The application automatically adapts its interface to whomever uses it, in whichever situation.

In addition to internal personnel and external partners, the application is also used by crews visiting the yard. With these and new employees constantly joining the company, the user-friendliness of the application is of utmost importance.

The benefit

While saving Baltic Yachts both time and money, digitalized food ordering makes many people’s lives easier. Employees can easily order their lunches whenever and wherever they wish, while the kitchen avoids a lot of bureaucracy.

Thanks to the application, information now flows efficiently, making lunch orders a piece of cake!

Client Baltic Yachts
When was this? Launched January 2017
Scope Medium
Technical details Native android app in Java, Angular web app, Rfid/Nfc reader for tablets
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