Web, hybrid or native?

Learn more about the different types of mobile apps.

Choosing the right type of app can save you time, money and a lot of trouble. There are basically three types of apps – web, hybrid and native apps. When a mobile solution is starting to take shape, it is important to reflect on the purpose and usage of the application.

Online, offline or both?

Before developing an application it is important to know in which situations it will be used. Is the app used in an environment where internet connection is not always available or will it be constantly online? If offline functionality is vital for the use of the application, the native app would be the best choice. A well-designed native app can save and process data at all times. In a different scenario, where continuous online access is essential for the use of the application, web and hybrid apps might work just as well.

Platform support

The following step is to determine on which platforms you want the application to work on. If the app is meant to run on all major platforms such as iOS, Android and Windows Phone, then a web app is usually the most cost efficient option. A well developed web app functions on all platforms because it runs in the web browser of the device.

Performance and features

A hybrid app might be the right choice if the need is mainly web based but you additionally want to take advantage of mobile specific features such as camera or GPS. Unlike web applications, the hybrid app also has a native component – the so-called shell. The native shell of a hybrid app is developed for a specific platform, which enables the app to be published on official app stores. If optimal performance is required, native apps are the best choice because of their ability to take full advantage of the device’s software and hardware.

Getting good results

To get the best possible outcome of your mobile project, asking the following questions is key: Does my app require offline support? What performance is required and which platforms need to be supported? Gambit is here to help you select the most suitable type of app for you. We are also happy to answer any other mobile or web related questions you might have, so don’t hesitate to contact us!

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