On September 8, the developer conference Breezy Dev Conf will take place at the Wasa Innovation Center in Vaasa. The one-day event is organized in collaboration between Mirka and Gambit (part of Atea) and is aimed at developers and architects in the IT sector.

– This event is a way to gather professionals in the field around interesting themes that affect their industry, but at the same time also an opportunity to showcase the opportunities and the knowledge available in the sector here in Ostrobothnia, says Mathias Rönnlund, Systems Architect at Mirka and one of the event’s speakers.

During the day, the participants can listen to speeches about cyber security, analytics applications and technologies such as containers and low-code, among other things.

– The large number registered shows that there is a demand for events like this and that people are ready to participate in physical events again after the pandemic. In addition to the Vaasa region, we also have participants from Kokkola and Seinäjoki. The interest in participating indicates that this may become a recurring event, says Helena Aspfors, Account Manager at Gambit (part of Atea).

Mirka and Gambit (part of Atea) have had a close collaboration for several years and have seen the need for an event that brings together people in the IT sector in the Vaasa region. The opportunity to exchange knowledge and ideas creates advantages for both the companies and the region as a whole.

Further information is given by:

Mathias Rönnlund, Systems Architect, Mirka
Tel: +358 50 372 5617

Helena Aspfors, Account Manager, Gambit (part of Atea)
Tel: +358 50 551 9960