Sundström is an infrastructure company that operates in earthworks, railway construction, asphalting and stone crushing.

Gambit’s cooperation with the customer kicked off in the end of 2019. We are the customer’s digital partner, meaning that we are a long-term committed provider of digital services. We support the customer in all digital projects, providing the customer with competitive advantages in the industry. The digital partnership is established in the customer’s strategy.

Functions up to full speed thanks to constant ERP maintenance

We continuously maintain the customer’s tailor-made ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. The system manages the company’s functions in finance, operations, reporting and personnel.

Our requirement for Gambit was that they must be able to keep what is promised, and be able to provide realistic schedules and budgets. But perhaps most importantly that they challenge our organization regarding the technical development and what we really need, and that they have project management in a firm grip. Gambit has succeeded in this.

Tommy Wikman, CEO at Sundström

Developing inventory management from post-it note to app

When we started the collaboration, a survey of the company’s needs was carried out. It turned out that optimizing warehouse and equipment tracking would streamline their processes. Therefore, together with key persons from the company, we developed a plan for what would become a Sundström app, with the first priority being warehouse and equipment tracking.

A large amount of goods is handled daily in the warehouse through many manual steps. Sundström wanted to get a better overview of which goods are taken to which projects, and where different rental machines, vehicles and trailers are located. The customer also wished to reduce the large amount of manual work done by the finance department while updating and invoicing the warehouse products.

As the personnel was already used to reporting hours via mobile, it was a natural solution to develop an app that can handle most warehouse functions. With the app, the personnel can register items that are taken out of stock by scanning a barcode or searching for the item’s name or code. It’s also possible to specify which project the product belongs to. Furthermore, the personnel can register when moving goods from the warehouse to the car or between different project locations.

Warehouse personnel can also register deliveries that have been received by entering the purchase order number directly in the app. Should the delivery be incorrect, it can be edited by changing the products or the quantities. Once the receipt is confirmed, the stock balance is updated automatically. In addition to this, staff can also register all their machine and trailer rentals in the app, making tracking of everything a breeze.

All registrations are made directly to the customer’s accounting program which saves the finance department a lot of work. The costs for the products are transferred directly to the ERP system providing follow-up in real time.

Due to Sundström’s strong growth and development in recent years, it became necessary to overlook the technical solutions, which led to the collaboration we have today. The company is curious about technology, willing to try new things and has a real “can-do” attitude. Thanks to this, Sundström has been able to implement high-tech solutions and to benefit more and more from data in order to make data-driven strategic decisions.

Hanna Salo, Key Account Manager at Gambit

Keys to success in digital partnership

By being a committed digital partner we at Gambit can provide know-how, experience and project management ensuring that projects are advancing at desired pace and set goals achieved. As a committed partner we are truly interested in the customer’s business and the possibilities available within the industry.

One key success factor is our ability to adapt to and follow the customer’s workload and rhythm. During the customer’s peak seasons, we concentrate on maintenance and project planning, and reserve time for implementations and testing when more suitable for the customer. This allows the customer to focus on the core business while we continuously drive the digital development forward and make sure that benefits such as time and resource savings are obtained.

Another important success factor is the customer’s open approach which makes the cooperation smooth, transparent and agreeable. It gives us at Gambit a crucial understanding of the industry which is much needed to be able to fully operate as a digital partner and to always be one step ahead.

Client Sundström
When was this? Continuous partnership since the end of 2019
Scope Large
Technical details ERP maintenance, app, third party integrations
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