ANDRITZ’s product and service range include plants, systems, equipment and services for numerous industries. The international Group employing ca 27 000 persons operates in more than 40 countries.

Gambit’s cooperation with ANDRITZ was initiated in February 2020 and has quickly developed into a partnership. Today, we provide extensive software development on several projects including system and database integrations in close cooperation with ANDRITZ’s own system specialists. 

Plant engineering software COMOS

ANDRITZ uses Siemens COMOS plant engineering solution to design new mills. We are currently involved in the rebuild of COMOS system. The goal is to fulfil the requirements of the latest version of the COMOS industrial database and the integrated data quality needs of modern plant digital twins. We provide agile and skilled implementation resources to the ANDRITZ development team.

Gambit brings us a fresh knowledge and tools experiences for SQL databases, API’s and web development. A nominated development team can quickly react to requests and as all the knowledge is not behind just one expert, this makes Gambit a trusted partner.

Jani Markkanen, Engineering Manager at ANDRITZ Oy

User interface for piping material handling

The user interface for piping material handling uses a large SQL database which links the data from the plant engineering software COMOS and 3D design software AVEVA E3D. It allows the user to effortlessly export different reports and to, for example, list all piping components that need to be ordered for constructing a specific power plant. Gambit continuously develops the front- and backend of the user interface.

Product handling database

Gambit got involved in developing a product handling tool during the summer of 2020. After the initial version we’ve continued with our further development work throughout 2021. The basic principle is that users can search and filter data on different projects through various search criteria (country, mill etc.) and effectively export lists in pdf or excel format. It’s also possible to add new projects, mills and products. As all project data is gathered in one place, this tool greatly serves ANDRITZ’s sales organization. Although the tool is developed in Finland for a limited target group, it can sync the data to ANDRITZ’s CRM system for a wider use.


It’s been such an inspirational ride to get to know ANDRITZ and learn more about the wide-ranged field they operate in on a global scale. Good people, mutual commitment and open communication have enabled us to form a partnership with the ANDRITZ crew in Varkaus. It’s always a joy to help our partners take their business to the next level with interesting business cases and technologies. We can’t wait to see what opportunities await us in the future!

Petra Kyntäjä-Saari, Customer Experience Manager at Gambit



When was this? Continuous partnership since February 2020
Scope Large
Technical details Extensive software development on several projects including system and database integrations in close cooperation with ANDRITZ’s own system specialists.
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