• Passion for coding
  • Willingness to learn something new every day

Stuff we value as well:

  • Object-oriented PHP/Objective-C/C#/Java and MySQL
  • Understanding of the MVC design pattern
  • Proficiency with source control solutions such as Mercurial and Git
  • Working knowledge of at least one CMS
  • Experience working with APIs

You will be working full time from our Vaasa office on both mobile and web apps for our clients. Our young and energetic team is located in Runsoria Business Park where you can enjoy the best lunch in town. We’ve also been told there’s a great gym in the building.

For more information, contact CEO Tim Wallin +358 (0) 44 9922

The first paragraph is a slightly modified quote from the movie Taken starring Liam Neeson. You probably recognized it, you might even be a huge Liam Neeson fan. If so, you could suggest that for one of our after work get-togethers, we arrange a Neeson movie marathon where you guide us through his versatile career. Just an idea.

Photo credit: Creative Commons / Elen Nivrae