Prevex, the largest water trap manufacturer in Europe, is specialized in kitchen and bathroom innovations. To support their ever-expanding line of products, they needed a better way to organize their product information. They also wanted to move away from print catalogues and replace it with a digital alternative for their customers and sales staff.

To solve these issues, Prevex teamed up with Gambit. Realizing the scope of what Prevex wanted to do and our previous experiences from similar projects, we started with a deep dive into the structure of the product data while exploring what solutions would be most efficient.

Choosing the right system

After extensive research we realized the best way forward would be an open-source Product Information Management (PIM) system. We decided to use Akeneo since out of all options on the market, it offered the most flexibility and ease of use.

Together with the sales and marketing team at Prevex we setup the foundation for the product data in Akeneo, allowing them to start building their product database in the new PIM. Simultaneously we got to work on the catalogue that would be used both internally and externally to find products, documentation, technical drawings etc.

Designed for the future

Our design went through a couple of iterations. At first the catalogue closely resembled the look of the current website and overall online presence. After discussions with the customer in the final stage of the project, we decided to renew the design of the catalogue to showcase where Prevex is heading in the years to come. The final layout re-thinks how a product catalogue can look while at the same time being informative and easy to use.

Now Prevex has stunning online catalogue connected to a future-proof PIM, ready for whatever product innovation comes next.


Client Prevex
When was this? Launched October '19
Scope Large
Technical details Akeneo PIM with .NET Core frontend
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