The project managers at grid construction company Ravera supervise projects of different scopes and sizes. Previously, different pieces of project information were scattered in various IT systems, making it challenging to follow projects from time to time.

For project managers it took a lot of time to get the information they needed. To find a solution to this problem, Aimo Latvala, CEO of Ravera, contacted Gambit.

“Gambit has proved to be an incredibly flexible and innovative cooperation partner. Gambit has created added value by bringing a customer-oriented view to our projects. We were very pleased with the outcome of our project, which even exceeded our expectations. We are already planning a new project together and we at Ravera are very pleased about our ongoing projects.” Aimo Latvala, CEO of Ravera

The outcome

Building on Ravera’s wishes and ideas, Gambit developed a web application, which gathers project-related information from different IT systems. The project management tool is specifically designed for project managers, who now easily can follow ongoing projects.

Thanks to the application, a project manager sees a project overview, which contains the project’s status and timetable as well as key financial figures. The application makes it easy to follow many different projects at the same time.

What’s unique here

By simplifying and refining project-related information, Ravera’s new web application makes the work of Ravera’s project managers smoother than before. The application gathers information from two different systems and combines the data so it’s easy to understand.

This way managers can effectively follow-up on all their ongoing projects. Overall Ravera’s new application saves both money and time and offers an easier way to supervise projects.

Client Ravera
When was this? Launched September 2017
Scope Small
Technical details Angular web app integrations to headpower & wintime systems
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