Hanna Wallin

Head of Communications +358 (0) 50 536 0784

Hanna has a background within marketing and communications, which is useful since that’s exactly what she fills her days with at Gambit.

In her spare time she enjoys time with the family and never says no to a flea market round with friends. She likes long walks and makes it to a zumba class every now and then.

Digitize Anything


We create digital services that are easy to use. No matter how complicated they actually are. We deliver first-class solutions that are just as unique as your business.

This is what we can do for you.

    • Digital services
    • Digital services
    • Digital services
    Digital services
    Over the years we’ve delivered some 300 projects. We can be your all-in-one digitalization partner. From start to finish.
    • System development
    • Mobile and web apps
    • Third party integrations
    • Data analytics
    • UI/UX Design
    • Planning & resourcing
    • Planning & resourcing
    • Planning & resourcing
    Planning & resourcing
    We’re a strategic partner that can help you with everything from technical planning, project management and on-site help.
    • On-site resourcing
    • Project management
    • DevOps and architecture