Hacking through social engineering is becoming an increasingly larger threat. Social engineering means exploiting human psychology, rather than technical hacking techniques, to illegally acquire confidential or important data.

Social engineering is usually carried out by taking advantage of someone’s kindness or trust. This can be done both in person or over phone or email.

Delv is a social engineering startup based in Vaasa offering unique, pre-emptive social engineering tests to find and eliminate potential weak links. We also provide training to raise awareness and overall security competence.

We’re now looking for a driven and ambitious CEO to kickstart our business. We already have the funding secured; all we need is the right person for the job! We’re looking for someone with an entrepreneurial mindset, who’s not afraid of challenges. You’re very sales-minded with great communication skills both in Finnish and English.

You’d be very much in charge of your own work and have the possibility to shape the business according to your own liking. If you’re interested, you’d also have the option of becoming a partner. If we’ve sparked your curiosity, feel free to get in touch with Emma Granholm at +358 (0) 50 408 3075 or firstname.lastname (at) gambitgroup.fi.

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