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Long-awaited web update for the municipality of Kronoby.

The new site gives a clean and modern impression. The new site can easily be extended with add-ons which means it suits both the current and future needs of the municipality.Thomas Hongell, Director of ICT Municipality of Kronoby

When the municipality of Kronoby at the start of 2015 decided to renew their website, their current site had been running for almost eight years. The design was out of date and not adapted to smartphones and tablets, a segment that currently makes up nearly 40 percent of all internet usage in Finland.

Together with Gambit the municipality formed a plan to launch a new, responsive website by the autumn of 2015.

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The entire project was very pain free. Our requests according the time table, layout, site structure and so on was taken into account during all phases of the project and we were able to launch the site according to plan.Thomas Hongell

The old pages were very cluttered with many columns and a main menu that was difficult to navigate. Our goal became to clean up the front page and make the entire site more easy to use.

The end result is a website where each section is represented by its own, alert color which helps to separate the content without taking too much attention. Visitors are straight away greeted by known surroundings on the front page where they also can read the latest news and use quick links for the most visited pages.

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