Summer greetings

What is it like to work at Gambit? Our latest team member Mari fills you in.


The summer of 2016 is here! Before we are heading off on holiday, I want to tell you, as the newest Gambit team member, something about these past six months that I have been working here at Gambit.

I started my job at Gambit in December and I wasn’t quite sure if I was going to fit in. As an “ex-bank lady” I didn´t have the technical knowledge, but at least I had eagerness and a lot of energy, and well, that is almost the same thing… ;)

As it turned out, the things what I was worrying about was all in vain. I have actually fit in perfectly even before I started here. We had a pre-Christmas party before I started my job. That´s the way the integration to new workplace should go – straight to party and then work!

I'm continuously amazed about our people, their knowledge, energy, team spirit, desire to grow and develop and most of all, our atmosphere. We do our work with very high standards and I think that most of us are a little bit perfectionist. Our customers are the most important thing to us so we want to give them a hundred percent, usually more.

  • Summer2016 Burpees
  • Summer2016 GameNight

At Gambit, we are making sure of that our staff is doing well. We have arranged different kinds of small activities in our everyday work. For example, on May Day we had a masquerade (I was a camel), we have been on a pizza picnic lunch, we had a soft air gun battle and last week we had a little sport competition, Death by Burpees (I came in fourth). During the UEFA Euro 2016, we are having a betting game called Board of Happiness. By guessing scores and details about games, we are getting smileys, rainbows, unicorns and sunshine. Yep, that´s us! For me, Wales and Mr. Bale have been giving many rainbows and unicorns. Go Wales Go!

So now I can definately to say that Gambit is a great place to work!

Have a good summer holiday! We´ll see you in August!

Oh, and yes, I have become quite a nerd too, if you ask my husband. ;)