Cooperation with Skolfoto Norden and KuvaSeppälä resulted in a very interesting product.


20 years ago color photo school catalogues was introduced as the next big thing in school photography. Since then little has changed - until now. The school photography industry is under pressure to modernize its products and increase their customer base, while cutting costs across the board.

What we did

Stig Söderudd, CEO of Skolfoto Norden, contacted Gambit in spring 2012 in order to get our ideas for modernizing the classic school photography. We were immediately excited by the possibilities we saw in the area and suggested that we meet for a demonstration of our capabilities. After a second meeting where we, Skolfoto Norden and Seppälän Koulukuvat drafted the specifications for the project we delivered an offer complemented by a project plan.

Gambit was contracted august 2012 to deliver a mobile app for iOS and Android containing not only the mandatory group images for school classes, but also with exciting Augmented Reality enhancements. Furthermore, schools can add their own action photos along the year which automatically is included in the app.

With Gambits technology and expertise, we will not only keep up to date with our competitors, we will be way ahead of them. Stig Söderudd, CEO of Skolfoto Norden, August 2012.

The deadline of the project was very tight, with the seasonal sales tour coming up in mid-September pushing us to the limit of our capabilities. Our agile development methodology however, helped us cope with the changes in project scope. Skolfoto Norden was the first company in the industry to launch an app for sales and demonstration purposes the 17th of September 2012 earning us praise from the customer.

You have delivered the promised features while staying on schedule and within budget - great work. Samuli Seppälä, CBDO of KuvaSeppälä, September 2012.

The full featured launch of the app is scheduled for spring 2013 and will mark a significant change in the school photography industry - perhaps the biggest in 20 years!


A custom made mobile application running on iOS and Android that

  1. positions Skolfoto Nordens product offer in pole position compared to other offerings
  2. supports the efforts of the sales team by functioning as a useful sales tool
  3. helps the business cut production costs