Persuasive abrasive

Thanks to KWH Mirka and Gambit finding the optimal abrasive is easy - just scan a QR code with your mobile!

Helping the customer pick the best abrasive

For a customer in a hardware store, it can be difficult to find the optimal abrasive for the work to be done. There are lots of brands, as well as a great selection of grits and sizes to choose from. This task can be troublesome for the customer, and may lead to a suboptimal choice.

At Mirka, we appreciate Gambit’s exceptional workmanship and innovative ideas in areas of application development and problem solving. Annika Peltola, Marketing Communications Manager, KWH Mirka

Depending on the application and surface, an abrasive that is excellent for one kind of work, can have poor results when applied to a different surface. Mirka needed a way to guide their customers at the store to help them select the best product for their needs, and after the sale instruct them how to use the product in every stage.

Process and solution

Annika Peltola, Marketing Communications Manager at Mirka, contacted Gambit to discuss how Mirka could make use of mobile applications in marketing and sales, and to see if we could help them with an app targeted at the end-user.

The idea was to allow the customer to use his mobile phone to access data about the product in his hand, by scanning the code on the product package. This way, the customer is able to access relevant data, for instance what materials it is suitable for, the steps involved throughout the process, and what grit to use in each step. The information also has to be available in the most commonly used languages worldwide, about 20 languages in total.

KWH Mirka QR

Responsive web design adapts to the device used, making unpleasant scrolling and annoying zooming a thing of the past.

Gambit offered a solution to use a two-dimensional QR code that leads to a cross-platform web app with a responsive design. This way, any mobile phone will do, as long as it has a web browser and is able to scan barcodes. Most modern phones have this capability built-in or offer it as a separate download.

We believe in Gambit as a long term partner that delivers quality and keeps deadlines. Annika Peltola

The site is responsive, which means it adapts to the user's screen size. If the user is viewing the product information on a tablet or a phone with a big display, the extra space from the wider screen is used to show more information side by side. On the other hand, if the user has a smaller screen, the information is laid out in a compact size top to bottom, and the user can then scroll up and down to access the content.

The mobile app provides the customer with help in selecting the best product available right in the store. It also provides information on how to use the product once the end-user is ready to start using it. All the information is conveniently accessible through the two-dimensional barcode. All data is provided by Mirka through their ERP system and is thus always up to date.

Erik Nylund

Erik Nylund

About the customer

KWH Mirka Ltd are best known for their dust-free abrasives, power tools and polishing products. Their headquarters are located in Jepua, Finland, with subsidiaries in Europe, North and South America and Asia. Mirka's products are being used in more than 80 countries.

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