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How to handle thousands of web pages effective and beautifully.

In the summer of 2013, the Municipality of Pedersöre decided to renew their website. Their current site was outdated, cluttered and difficult to keep up to date.

Working with Gambit has been easy. I feel they’ve listened to our requests and found solutions that work well for us. Carina Wärn, Administrative Officer, Municipality of Pedersöre

Just like all municipalities, Pedersöre offers a wide array of services to people of all ages. This results in a website containing thousands of pages.

When dealing with a large amount of pages, finding effective ways to structure content becomes even more important. Together with a working group from the municipality, Gambit helped form a better way of handling content, without sacrificing design and usability.

    Finding what you’re looking for

    Most of us visit the website of the city or municipality we live in. In many cases you won’t make it past the homepage without feeling lost because of the massive amount of information and choices. With that in mind, we wanted to keep the homepage as simple as possible: the latest news, current events and a main menu with six large and easy to read alternatives.

    Our new website feels fresh and modern. I’m especially pleased with the visual menus and the quick links that simplify navigation on our content-rich site. Carina Wärn

    But what about the next level when you face a higher number of subpages? Usually the solution is a side menu with tens and tens of sub-categories.

    Instead of such a menu we opted for visual menus. Photos taken by the agency Du&Vi helps visitors get a better overview of the content. Quick links for each category also speed up navigation to the most visited pages.

    Part of the municipality

    The final result is a website where citizens are guided in the right direction by well-known places and people.

    With the help of responsive design, the site adapts according to screen size, making it just as easy to use on phones and tablets.


    Jakob Nylund

    Jakob Nylund

    The Municipality of Pedersöre

    With nearly 11 000 residents, Pedersöre is a municipality full of life in the northern part of Ostrobothnia, Finland. Instead of centralization, they have expanded services like daycare, schools and health care in the 19 villages that make up the municipality, thus creating a growing municipality.

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