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Linqit enables business collaborations by connecting companies online.

Sometimes entrepreneurs find it difficult to market themselves, while at other times they are short on staff and need more hands on deck. The founders of Linqit had seen and lived this dilemma and envisioned a digital platform, where companies could connect with each other to buy and sell their services.

They knew roughly what kind of digital service they wanted to create but needed help with the technical execution as well as marketing. To create a digital meeting point for service providers and buyers, Gambit and marketing partner C2 Advertising teamed up with Linqit.

The outcome

As a device-independent web application, Linqit connects companies by offering them two options: to log into the platform as a seller of services or as both a seller and a buyer. Sellers provide necessary input for buyers to evaluate their services, while service buyers search for suitable providers based on the information given.

Linqit Prototype

Linqit’s search function is dynamic, meaning that it continuously updates search results when search parameters are changed. When a buyer finds a company they would like to work with, they send them an offer request and the two connect online.

What's unique here

As a service, Linqit is one-of-a-kind in Finland. It is based on a clear vision by its founders, who wanted quality without short cuts and decided to invest in the design and user-friendliness of the application. C2 Advertising created the graphic design and all the visual building blocks needed for the application, which enabled a smooth start to the design process for Gambit.

We are very happy with choosing Gambit as our partner in this project. Their rapid prototyping service was of great help in the development of the application, as it allowed us to get an idea of the end result at an early stage. As a partner Gambit is sensitive to its customer’s needs without forgetting the end user. They have been good at sticking to the agreed time schedule, scope and budget, and we are very satisfied with their work.Kjell-Owe Ahlskog, CEO, Linqit

As the application needed to be scalable and hold even a very large number of users, making its back-end stable and robust was key. To facilitate the sheer size and the complexity of the product, Gambit worked with agile development, i.e. release-based coding, where the application was released in parts and tested thoroughly after each phase. Thanks to careful planning and project management, a high-quality solution for Linqit was created on time and in budget.

The benefits

Using Linqit, entrepreneurs can now easily log into the platform and either offer or buy services they need. The application works like a charm and will be quick in use also in the future when more functions are added and its userbase grows. The excellent end result was enabled by the founders’ focus on quality, the right choices in technology and, simply, great code.

Visit Linqit.fi for more information.

When was this?

Launched April 2018



Technical details

Front-end built with Angular
Back-end built with Java Play