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For larger companies it is crucial to keep important documents, such as manuals and sales material, up-to-date and readily available. Those files are however often stored in the company’s own storage solution, which may not be available at all times. This leads to customers experiencing difficulties finding the right documentation in a smooth and easy way.

Arc protection specialists Vamp, part of Schneider Electric, wanted to organize all their documentation in one system, both for internal and external use. Many document management systems (DMS) haven’t been able to keep up with the rising mobile usage. They often require additional software and might not even work outside of the company’s local network.

Introducing Gambit DMS

Gambit DMS is a flexible system that can be used on any modern phone, tablet or computer. Thanks to a modular construction, both features and the layout can be custom-made to fit any specific needs. Our focus has been usability, without scrimping on important elements such as version history, searching and sharing.

Serving customers

To make distribution even easier, the system has a built-in mail feature that allows for instant e-mailing of documents to clients and potential customers. As long as you have an internet connection you can send documents from any device, anytime, anywhere. Perfect for exhibitions, meetings and other hectic situations.

Positive feedback

Since its release earlier this year Vamp’s DMS, labeled Vamp Mobile, has received positive feedback from all over the world. The easy to use interface allows users many ways to find the right documents, both those who know exactly what they are looking for and those who might need a little help along the way.

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About The Customer

Vamp specializes in protection and control of power distribution network. Their arc protection systems has made them a world leader in their field. Since 2010, Vamp is a part of Schneider Electric.