City of Vaasa

Find out how Gambit is helping the city of Vaasa reduce paper usage with 2.9 metric tons per year.


Every year around 50 kg of printed paper is distributed to each and every officially elected person serving in the various boards and councils. That is, according to the administration of Vaasa, a cost of 400 € per person per year! There has to be a more efficient way to distribute documents and lists, right?

What we did

Gambit met with Christer Levander, Director of Vaasa’s IT-department, to discuss Vaasa’s various needs in the mobile sector. What both parties quickly focused on was the ever present need for document distribution.

At the time, Vaasa had an Extranet that users could log into in order to download a PDF-version for use on a laptop or for printing at home. This method however, had never been widely adopted by the end users for various reasons. A second, technical, meeting was therefore scheduled to evaluate the current digital document distribution via Vaasa’s Extranet, and figure out how to build on that foundation to improve the user experience and adoption rate.

I’m no nerd. Since I can use this, anyone can.Merja Rintamäki, member of the city council and city board, Central Party, Pohjalainen 20.2.2013

After the session Gambit was ready to offer a solution in the form of an iPad app which would hook into their existing Extranet and Active Directory, to allow the user to browse, view and edit the documents he or she has access to. The user interface design was kept very clean and focuses on ease of use since people with very different backgrounds and competencies would be using the app.

Gambit further provided consultation on Mobile Device Management systems in order to provide Vaasa with the ability to remotely manage the tablets. Gambit also wrote web services for the App to Extranet communications, as well as providing initial training to key administrative personnel.

The tablets will pay for themselves in a year.Pohjalainen 20.2.2013

The app was piloted by a test group in December 2012 whose positive feedback initiated the full roll-out during January and February 2013.


  • 85 % end user adoption rate
  • Lowered long term costs - the cost of paper distribution per person per year equals the cost for an iPad, which will be used for many years
  • Environmentally friendly solution - almost 2.9 metric tons less printed paper distributed per year!