Best Western Hotel

We helped Best Western Hotel Vallonia take restaurant lunch management to the mobile age.

Speeding up lunch registration and invoicing

Every business day, a lunch buffet is served in the restaurant at BEST WESTERN Hotel Vallonia. There are plenty of companies operating in the area and many of their employees have their lunch at the hotel restaurant. Before, each customer had to mark their lunch purchase in a folder by using pen and paper. At the end of the month a person at Vallonia would go through the papers, sum up the lunches for each employee and invoice each company. With hundreds of lunches to account for every week, papers to be printed and kept track of the process consumed quite a bit of time.

Process and solution

Gambit contacted Susanne Gästgivars-Leppäaho at BEST WESTERN Hotel Vallonia and offered a mobile solution, which can be divided in two parts: the part that the lunch guest sees as he enters the restaurant and uses to place his order, and the part the restaurant uses to present the different menu options and to keep track of all lunches to invoice.

Previously we counted all lunches manually and since that was part of the receptionists' work it took alot of time from customer service. Now we can just transfer the sum from one program to another. Susanne Gästgivars-Leppäaho, Hotel Manager

The customer app

To speed up lunch purchases the customer uses an app from which he first selects the company that he works for. Then a list of employees at that company is shown and he picks his own name and selects one of the different menu alternatives (for instance buffet, coffee or dessert). After that the order is complete and sent to Vallonia. A typical order requires four touches from start to finish. The app runs on all Android OS4 compatible tablets and works on both WiFi and 3G.

The restaurant app

BEST WESTERN Hotel Vallonia can freely configure the menu alternatives they offer and handle the companies and their employees which are to be listed in the customer app. Through the web app they can create lunch reports which are then attached to the invoices sent out to each company. The web app is compatible with all modern browsers and can be accessed using a desktop, laptop or tablet.