News from 2012

Summary of news from 2012.

Vidcash on App Store

Our customer JENS Ltd has released an updated version of VidCash on App Store. Distribute your iPhone videos straight from your Dropbox for a royalty.

Kristinestad Christmas calendar for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

Head over to the Apple App Store and download our augmented christmas calendar. You can also scan the QR code below, and it will take you directly to our app in the app store. Once you have the app downloaded and running, point your camera towards the heart to access the content for December 24th. Douple tap to view the content full screen.

The app was featured in Pohjalainen on Sunday 2nd.

Gambit Labs has released two new customer apps lately!

The first one is called Skolkatalogen and was made for Skolfoto Norden and Seppälän Koulukuvat. Used as an exciting sales tool for now the app has received very positive feedback. The app is available on both App Store and Google Play (but requires a password for now). We are very excited

by this project as this has the potential of radically changing the playing field of our customer!

The second one passed App Store verification earlier this week is called Kristinestads Christmas Calendar 2012. Our customer City of Kristinestad and the project Jul i Sjöstaden was featured on radio Vega Österbotten yesterday as well as in the newspaper Vasabladet. The free augmented reality app is available on App Store and requires you to either visit Kristinestad or ask nicely for a complementary paper calendar. In either case, you will have to wait for December the 1st to open the first window – seriously: no cheating! 🙂

Time for a re-cap

One of the many benefits of being an entrepreneur is that you get to freely distribute your own time. However one of the keys to being a successful entrepreneur is knowing to prioritize your precious time and focus. Hence, it has been a bit quiet on our web site lately due to us being extremely busy with:

  1. building awesome apps for our customers
  2. creating our own frameworks; codenamed GARP and GAPI
  3. widening our horizon strategically
  4. vacation 🙂

We think it is time for a re-cap of the last few months!


We piloted Gambit Lunch with Vallonia in May and we (Gambit, Vallonia and Vallonias customers) are all very happy with the outcome, saving all of the involved huge amounts of time otherwise spent on tedious manual paperwork. The app is running as we speak so head over there, check it out and enjoy a nice lunch! We’ll post more info about our Lunch application in a separate section shortly.

City of Kristinestad and the project Jul i Sjöstaden

We’ve been so excited about this project for so long! Here is a teaser for you:

Walk around in the first Cittaslow city in Finland admiring the old wooden houses as you do. Bring an iOS-device and add augmented reality to the experience – an experience that will put a smile on your face and an added skip to your step.

A good thing too, since you’ll be chasing all over town!

We highly recommend you grab your iPad or iPhone and head to Kristinestad this Christmas – or actually, stay the whole of December there while you are at it!


Skolfoto Norden and Seppälän koulukuvat

Skolfoto Norden contacted us in April 2012 wanting to discuss some ideas. In close cooperation with us and Seppälän Koulukuvat those ideas have been refined and a very interesting product is nearing its launch date. The people at Skolfoto Norden and Seppälän Koulukuvat have been incredible to work with and we can’t wait to help them succeed even better in their endeavors!

Article in Vasabladet

Once again we are humbled of being selected as a creative company to be interviewed in media. The article in Swedish describes how we started developing for Android in our spare time and how we now cater to the marketing, sales and efficiency needs of companies not only in Finland but in Sweden and the UK as well.


GARP and GAPI are the current codenames for two new frameworks we have secretly been working on for some time now. We will try to coax our CTO to divulge some tasty details in a later technically oriented post, but for now we will just say that the frameworks in their current state already help us deliver apps faster and at an even higher quality than before.

The loyal ones

As if all above wasn’t enough we have of course continued serving our long time customers such as eCraft, Hibox Systems and JENS Ltd among others. We are very grateful for having all of you with us, and we will of course do our best to continue delivering high quality services to you!

The future

The future looks bright for Gambit Labs and we are going to have some very interesting strategic announcements to make in the upcoming months!

New customers and two new magazine articles

We’re very excited to have the opportunity to help the city of Vaasa introduce paperless meetings using iPads. First up is a pilot project to test and evaluate the reaction among users and hopefully this will later result in a full scale deployment.

But that’s not all – together with Hotel Vallonia Gambit Labs is developing a very useful application for lunch-oriented restaurants. Expect a more thorough announcement in a month or two!

Gambit Labs is also featured in the magazines Företagsnyckeln and Y-Pressi. The article in Y-Pressi was also published on VASEK’s (Vaasa Region Development Company) homepage.

Magnus joins Gambit Labs

Magnus is a brilliant programmer with years of experience behind him in various kinds of programming languages. He will be helping us fulfill our customers’ needs when placing those near-impossible-to-do-custom-tailored-orders that we’re fond accepting and delivering. We’re very happy to have you on-board Magnus!

Hack #1

To celebrate the upcoming Gambit anniversary we at the Lab are getting together to do a Hackathon. Our goal is to come up with an idea for a Windows Phone app, start hacking and have a working version by the end of the day – wrap it up during the weekend – and publish it to the marketplace by Monday.