MWC 2013

Get the behind-the-scenes coverage of Gambit in Barcelona attending the Mobile World Congress 2013.

As a fan, marketing advisor and member of the board of Gambit, the Gambit-team invited me to join them on their trip to the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. This yearly event is one of the most spectacular happenings in the mobile industry, and it is the place where all the big telecom-operators and mobile devices manufacturers such as Nokia and Samsung show their muscles.

I was just as excited as the rest of the Gambit-crew when we touched ground in Barcelona, even though the guys had been driving from Vaasa to Helsinki the very same night before departure. I looked especially forward to get an insight in the dynamics of the group and to see them work, as I knew they were going to plan their own new web site during the weekend before the actual congress took off.

After a delightful Spanish Tapas-dinner and a good night’s sleep, the team started to work focused on the new web site. As another guest during the trip, designer Jakob Nylund had joined the team in this weekend-mission to build the new web site. At this point, everything seemed to move according to the plan except the weather. As the guys made the first draft for the web site, a nice mix of snow and rain fell from the sky. Our receptionist´s words, that it had not been this cold for the whole winter was not comforting either. After a long winter in Finland, I had really hoped to see the sun. The fact that I brought a pair of shorts with me on the trip seemed like a bit overambitious…

As the hours went on the temperature rose however. Not because of the sun though, but rather because of overheated computers. At this point, Jakob had completed the first draft of the design and the Gambit-developer Magnus Södergård was coding intensively in order to implement it. It was simply fantastic to see how determined and professionally the whole team worked together: It all started with an idea of the content of the site which was then graphically designed and later programmed by the developer. What about the result then? In fact, you have it in front of you. Enjoy!

Ted Wallin
Ted Wallin
Business Director