January is a time for fresh starts. We are already underway with a bunch of exciting projects. Since it seems we will be spending quite a lot of time in front of our screens this year as well, we wanted to challenge ourselves to get up from our comfy chairs a bit more. That is why we decided to get activity trackers from Polar for the whole staff.

How does it work?

Polar Loop keeps track of your various activities throughout the day. Sitting, walking, exercising and even sleeping. You can also hook it up to a heart rate sensor to measure your progress even more thoroughly. All of your activities add up to your daily goal, which is set up specifically for you. This means you are only competing against yourself.

For every employee that meets their personal goal each quarter we will donate a sum of money to a shared fund which we’ll use for something fun at the end of the year. During the year we will keep you posted on our progress (or lack thereof). Hopefully we will be a little bit healthier the next time! Now, does anyone know how you turn on beast mode?

Please note: We are sadly not endorsed in any way by Polar.