You’re as always hot on the market, system developers! Our customers can’t seem to get enough of what you do. Hence, we’re looking for more developers to our office in Varkaus. We’ve written a long wish list, but we’re aware that we necessarily won’t get everything we want. Anyway, here’s the stuff we’re looking for:

  • Java, Swift, C# skills
  • React, Angular, JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3 knowledge
  • Maybe even some Azure, AWS and SharePoint experience
  • Front and back-end development, preferably the agile kind
  • At least one (1) human language
  • Maybe even some scrum experience (if you don’t have it, there’s always scruum for improvement)
  • Social skills and a terrible sense of humor (maybe you even enjoyed the awful pun above)

A little bit about us

At Gambit, we digitize to make things easier. Our business-oriented apps and third party integrations make every workday better than the previous one. Our growing team currently consists of some thirty-five developers, designers and managers. As well as a bunch of cute dogs. Although they do lack some work morale. The dogs that is, not the humans.

Working at Gambit

We like to balance hard work with good times. Creating a positive work environment is one of our driving factors. That’s why we always meet up every now and then outside of work to barbeque, watch a movie or play Dungeons & Dragons. (or we used to, before you know what happened*)

Our offices are located in Vaasa, Varkaus and Pietarsaari. For this position you’d be working in Varkaus with the occasional visit to our Vaasa office as well. The start date is flexible but preferably as soon as possible.

That’s right up my alley, what now?

If you want to be a part of our nerdy, jolly bunch – send your applications or get in touch with Office Manager Emma Granholm at +358 (0) 50 408 3075 or firstname.lastname (at)

* By that we obviously mean corona. We didn’t have to stop barbequing because we burnt down our office backyard or anything. Please don’t look into this any further.

Want to know more?

Give Emma Granholm a call on +358 (0) 50 4083 075