During the last year energy company Herrfors, which is a part of the Katternö group, set out to renew their digital presence. They started of by completely re-hauling their website and consumption service and then decided to launch a mobile app for their customers.

When you are responsible for supplying electricity, it is extra important that customers can get help if any problems occur. Especially during autumns and winter the weather tends to cause outages which makes it essential to be able to report any issues and also to check if other customers are experiencing any problems. If the power is out, that can be difficult to do on a computer.

All the tools you’ll need

In the Herrfors 24/7 app, you will find all necessary services for dealing with such a situation. It is possible to send an error report with image and GPS location to help service personnel locate the issue as quick as possible. Right in the app there’s also an outage map that shows current interferences and shows many customers are affected. All phone numbers necessary to get in touch with Herrfors are also available in the app.

Come rain or sunshine

The app is also useful even if the weather isn’t stormy. By logging in with your customer credentials you can follow your energy consumption in kilowatt hours and even get an estimated cost in euro. The listing of energy spot prices makes it easy to keep up to date on current energy prices.

Aside from developing the new app, Gambit has also designed and developed the new herrfors.fi which means that Herrfors’ digital presence is more unified than ever.

Herrfors 24/7 is available for free for Android and iOS.

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