When energy company Herrfors started using M-Files back in 2012 for document and case management, the goal was to boost productivity by keeping their important data in one place as well as structuring the data in a more manageable way.

For any energy company, handling electricity contracts and move notifications is an essential part of day-to-day operations which means that the entire process must work flawlessly. The customer service team needs to be able to find the current status of contracts, know who’s been in contact with the customer and what the next steps are. M-Files enabled Herrfors to do exactly this.

Staying up to speed

One crucial part was however missing. Customers could sign up for electricity contracts or send move notifications through a simple online form, but the information never made it to M-Files. Instead all forms ended up in a shared mailbox where they were handled manually. That meant keeping track of the information was very difficult and time consuming. To make matters more complicated, customers also had to submit certain documents by mail or in person because the online form couldn’t handle these securely.

Connecting the dots

In close cooperation with Herrfors and M-Files we set out to automate the final steps of the process. This meant creating a completely tailor-made form on Herrfors’ website with integration to M-Files as well as support for secure identification and the possibility to attach all of the necessary documentation. It was also very important for Herrfors that the entire process would be just as easy on mobile devices and that it would have the same look and feel of their online presence.

“Our partnership with Herrfors goes back a long time and we’ve built up a mutual trust over the years. Gambit’s versatility means we can handle all aspects of a project like this. We take care of everything from programming and design to technical project management and customer care.”
Hanna Salo, Project Manager 

The outcome

The end result is an easy to use form where customers can use their banking codes for identification. After completing the form, all the information is automatically sent straight to M-Files. This means that customer service at Herrfors always is up to speed with the status of electricity contracts and move notifications. And instead of spending time with mundane and repetitive work the service team can focus their resources on assisting customers.

Client Herrfors
When was this? Launched October '18
Scope Medium
Technical details M-files integration secure identification with Tupas integration
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