On September 8, the developer conference Breezy Dev Conf will take place at Wasa Innovation Center in Vaasa. The one-day event is organized in collaboration between Mirka and Gambit (part of Atea) and is aimed at developers and architects in the IT sector. During the day, the participants can listen to speeches about cyber security, analytics applications and technologies such as containers and low-code, among other things.

IT developers and architects enable business and operations in today’s society as their knowledge is needed in almost all companies, ranging from small start-ups to large global companies. The development pace of new technology keeps speeding up, and it’s essential to stay ahead of development. The conference offers an opportunity to exchange knowledge and ideas, creating advantages for both the companies and the region as a whole.

– By arranging this event, we want to create a fast-track introduction to new technologies so that the developers can easily grasp the latest news, without having to spend hours online studying or travelling to conferences far away, says Helena Aspfors, Account Manager at Gambit (part of Atea).

– Here in Ostrobothnia, we have always been good at making things happen and I think this event is a good example of the benefits of joining forces and working together towards a common goal. As well Mirka as Gambit continuously arrange internal learning sessions for our developers but through this collaboration, we can learn even more by sharing the knowledge. We have also been able to reach so many more persons than we would have on our own. Currently we have 135 registered persons for the conference and participants are joining also from outside the Vaasa region, for example from Helsinki, Kokkola and Seinäjoki, says Mathias Rönnlund, Systems Architect at Mirka and one of the event’s speakers.

Further information is given by:

Mathias Rönnlund, Systems Architect, Mirka
Tel: +358 50 372 5617

Helena Aspfors, Account Manager, Gambit (part of Atea)
Tel: +358 50 551 9960