VEO, which assembles control and distribution systems for the energy industry at their factory in Vaasa, realized they needed to improve their processes. The assemblers at the production line only had printed component lists to rely on. If a component was missing or faulty, the assembler had to ask around for the component and this took way too much time.

There was a clear need for an easy-to-use production tool and VEO knew who to contact.

The outcome

After discovering that the employees at the factory already used Android phones to log their hours, Gambit quickly concluded that the obvious way to go was to develop a native Android app. In this way, the existing user IDs could be used, which is a clear benefit when it comes to user friendliness.

The application, VEO Mobile, is connected to VEO’s ERP and automatically shows the logged-in user the products they are currently working on, and the status of these components. The hierarchical relationship between the components and products is also shown, so everyone can find out how a single component fits into the larger puzzle. For security reasons, the app only works in VEO’s network.

”Gambit quickly came to grips with what we needed and succeeded in creating an app that does exactly what it should. As soon as the app was launched, we could see a clear improvement in the production flow. Instead of running around looking for components, the assemblers at the factory can now easily check the status and location of the components on their phones. With the time saved, we estimate that the app paid for itself in only four months.” Juha Saranpää, Production Director, VEO

What’s unique here

The timetable was very tight as the application was ordered in April 2018 and the first version was needed just two months later. Thanks to smooth cooperation with VEO, the existing IT structure, as well as Gambit’s rapid prototype concept, the deadline was met, and the app was taken into use.

Animation of VEO Mobile app

Interactive prototype

Rapid prototyping means that Gambit could show VEO exactly how the app would look and behave – before any actual coding was done. By browsing through the layout in the planned user interface, VEO could make sure that Gambit had interpreted their wishes correctly. Any mistakes and misunderstandings could therefore be eliminated at the very beginning of the project.

The benefit

Using the VEO Mobile app, every employee at the factory can quickly and easily check the location of any component. Each component needed for the product in question is listed along with its real-time status. If a component is not available, its estimated arrival date is given, which gives the user a possibility to better plan upcoming work. The user can also call for a component if it is needed before schedule, which further optimizes the production flow.

Client VEO
When was this? First version launched June ’18 with new versions released continously
Scope Medium
Technical details Native Android app with Biztalk integration
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