Improving safety with digital loss prevention

Alandia is one of the leading insurance providers in the Nordic countries offering a wide variety of insurance services and products to the global maritime industry. Ensuring safety and preventing losses are key in their line of business. One critical function of professional safety management is to foresee and prevent accidents and incidents that might happen to a vessel, its crew or to the marine environment.

Alandia contacted Gambit in 2019 to discuss building a mobile application targeted to maritime industry professionals. The need for easier two-way communication, enhanced regular reporting, and increased awareness of modern safety knowledge became the baseline in helping Alandia’s customers to minimise losses and keep their operations accident-free.

Smooth collaboration

We started off by creating user stories to answer the questions “who does what and why”. After gaining an understanding of the big picture we could then explore the world of UI/UX design. A rapid prototype visualised the mobile-app-to-be which in turn enabled quick feedback from Alandia regarding the user experience and workflow. The programming phase progressed iteratively which allowed us to brainstorm innovative ideas back and forth and to prioritise the work along the way. Successful collaboration was bound to happen!

Gambit was a great sparring partner for us as they helped us with our digital journey. Not only did we gain insight on different technical solutions but received valuable input on how to create actual value to our and our customer’s business by using digital tools. Strong technical competence and open-minded communication made collaboration easy.

Martti Simojoki, Senior Loss Prevention Manager at Alandia 



Hands-on solution with a touch of gamification

The app consists of two main features: Safety Challenge and Safety Observation.

The Safety Challenge helps to keep the user’s safety knowledge up to date through a selection of quizzes (released monthly) which utilise gamification to encourage the user to collect points whilst receiving important lessons on matters of safety. Fun yet educational!

The Safety Observation is a reporting tool designed to enhance communication and improve risk analysis within the user’s organization. The goal is to also increase awareness of the complex causal relationships between vessel operation procedures and professional safety. Crew can report near-misses and share their best safety practices with colleagues around the globe. The available data is, of course, anonymous. Such data creates a broad understanding of identifying risks and improving safety in the maritime industry.

Alandia’s customers can also use the built API integration to connect the app to their own ICT infrastructure. Further risk identification and analysis allows proactive counter-measures well in advance.

It all started with an idea and a goal. The means towards that finishing line, however, were refined along the way. We are very solution-oriented when approaching the challenges our customers face and always strive to find the best possible outcome. Our collaboration with Alandia was indeed fruitful as they brought in a lot of new, innovative ideas that we would in turn implement with our own recommendations. Active engagement on both sides was THE success factor.

Robin Stenman, Business Development Manager at Gambit

Client Alandia
When was this? Collaboration since December 2019
Scope Medium
Technical details .NET Core backend, iOS & Android apps built with React Native