Puhas Oy is a Finnish company that offers waste management services in the Joensuu area. Owners are the five municipalities Joensuu, Ilomantsi, Kontiolahti, Liperi and Polvijärvi with together approximately 112 000 inhabitants.

Effortless communication wanted

Puhas wanted to facilitate the customers’ communication with customer service and also make it easier for customers to find waste-related information. The company had set its sights on a mobile app and teamed up with Gambit to go through with the idea.

Rewarding teamwork

The first steps were technical planning and creation of the app. The prototype was a useful tool – Puhas was able to test their ideas and Gambit would know what to implement. The project was carried out one part at a time, always taking the customer’s needs into account. A native app for both Android and iOS was launched in November 2020. For the backend .NET Core was used and React frontend for the backoffice.


The cooperation with Gambit has been very easy and smooth.

Jenni Rautasalo, Logistics Manager at Puhas


The outcome

The app is a multifunctional tool for waste-related matters. Furthermore, it enables a two-way communication between the customer and Puhas. The user can easily check out the latest news, find information about sorting, recycling and recycling locations, send and receive messages regarding waste matters, chat with customer service and even book a car trailer or a container. To enable all this, the application is integrated with two different systems already in use at Puhas.

Interactive prototype


Thanks to our in-house graphic designers who truly understand code, we were able to provide well-functioning UI/UX design already at the prototype stage, which saved all parties time and money.

Petra Kyntäjä-Saari, Customer Experience Manager


The app is available for free from Google Play and App Store.

Client Puhas Oy
When was this? Launched November 2020
Scope Large
Technical details Backoffice with React frontend and .NET Core backend, iOS & Android native.
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