Clean as a whistle!

Kiffel are taking home cleaning to a whole new level.

In the home cleaning industry, cleaning professionals rarely receive feedback, and when they do, it’s usually when things have already gone south. In many ways, this industry has not changed in decades and businesses extensively rely on paperwork when communicating with their staff and customers.

Jenni Parpala, business owner of Kiffel home cleaning, saw the need for modern home cleaning services and contacted Gambit for industry-changing communication and administration tools.

The outcome

Building on Jenni’s visions and ideas, Gambit has created two digital solutions for Kiffel. The first is a mobile application for Kiffel’s staff and customers. Instead of carrying around notepads with instructions, cleaning professionals can easily use the application to check what tasks are to be done at each customer they visit during the day.

The customers, in turn, receive a summary of the cleaning professional’s visit and can either check it off as satisfactory or send feedback with the in-app messaging service. When needed, customers can also order extra services or schedule cleaning for an upcoming holiday.

The second solution created for Kiffel, is a web-based administration calendar, particularly developed for the home cleaning industry’s needs. Month by month data is transferred to the calendar, smoothing the administrative workload in Kiffel.

“Gambit’s service is phenomenal. They continuously provide information and keep you up to speed with whatever is going on. They clearly value each and every customer and really want you to succeed. Even though these technical things can be complicated, people at Gambit explain matters in plain language, in whatever language you speak.” Jenni Parpala, CEO, Kiffel

What’s unique here

By digitalizing its support services and administrational work, Kiffel is making a ground-breaking move in the home cleaning industry.

While both Kiffel’s applications are unique, especially the web-based calendar application is one-of-a-kind with administration solutions tailor-made for the home cleaning industry’s need.

The benefit

Making people’s lives easier is Kiffel’s mission and core and with these applications the company has managed to take their mission to the digital age.

Thanks to the applications, cleaning professional’s days run smoothly, customers can easily contact Kiffel, and Jenni can administer her staff’s schedules without extra hassle.

Client Kiffel
When was this? Launched March 2018
Scope Medium/large
Technical details Android and iOS application written in Ionic calendar web interface written in Angular
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