Startia, the startup center for the Vaasa region, has awarded Gambit “New entrepreneurs of the year”. The jury’s decision was based mainly on the company’s immense growth, both in staff and turnover. Founded in early 2011 Gambit consists of four co-owners, nine employees and offices in Vaasa and Helsinki.

– There is a lot going on at the award winning startup. Gambit is a growing company whose young energized entrepreneurs are determined to expand. They have found a niche and strive towards taking their business to the next level, says Startia director Tommi Virkama.

When Tim Wallin and Erik Nylund founded Gambit, Finnish companies had yet to realize the potential in mobile business apps. CEO Tim Wallin is thrilled about the award. He and Nylund have received plenty of advice and business leads from Startia.

– It feels really good to be awarded for the work we do! Tommi Virkama from Startia and Kjell Nydahl from VASEK have been very eager to help us grow. When we started our business we had to explain what we did in the most basic terms: “this is a smartphone, which you can use to run programs called apps.” We’ve come a long way since. Last year, our turnover increased with over 100 percent, says Wallin.

Top picture (from left to right): Magnus Södergård, Tim Wallin, Erik Nylund, Jakob Nylund, Henrik Westergård, Benjamin Burman and Janna Tarkkinen. Helsinki staff Ted Wallin and Emilia Lassas missing from picture.

Full press release from VASEK available in Finnish and Swedish.