With large amounts of data, finding and bringing the right information to the right person can sometimes be challenging. Ålands Elandelslag, ÅEA, faced this particular challenge when they wanted to make their customer service more efficient. A mobile application can be the solution to this problem by bringing the relevant information in a user-friendly way from a big amount of readouts and data.

Serving customers

When the power is out for a longer period of time, you should call the electricity company. If the electricity meter data isn’t easily accessible by the customer service center, troubleshooting becomes time consuming. If, on the other hand, the information is easily available customer service can easily locate whether the problem is in the customer’s connection or somewhere else. When the problem is identified customer service can easily estimate how long it is going to take to fix the problem and where to send the electrician.

The solution we created for ÅEA works just like described; it is a responsive web application that brings a large amount of readouts and presents the data in a user-friendly way. The application is aimed at the customer service to make their work easier and to make the customer’s experience smoother. Now the personnel can do real-time checks of the power line situation, right in their phones.

Agile development methodology

A dynamic application that is in everyday use needs to work flawlessly. Thus, the development process needs to be done in tight cooperation with the customer during the entire development process. The communication between Gambit and ÅEA worked well and the reaction to changes was fast – such interactive development methodology is called agile development.

Using continuous delivery we could release several new test versions of the app, even during the course of a single day and without any extra effort. This type of workflow makes customer feedback a lot easier and in the end also helps to ensure the maximum potential of the application.

“The new system has already proved itself on many occasions. Now it is easier to give directions for customers by phone when we know for certain where the problem is. We have also avoided several unnecessary service appointments thanks to our new system.” David Karlsson, CEO, ÅEA

The outcome

The results of the project work as a good example in illustrating how a demanding application can be created using agile development. If every-day operational processes can be made more effective, why would you hesitate in doing that?

About the customer

Ålands Elandelslag is a customer-owned company founded in 1957. Their objective is to coordinate and parse power distribution in the archipelago and countryside of Åland, as well as to provide safe and cost-efficient power to its customers.

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