Gambit’s christmas party, december 2014. After a delicious and slightly unhealthy dinner, Santa Claus brought a surprise: activity trackers for the entire staff. The place wasn’t exactly cooking with excitement. But to make it interesting, Santa had a little challenge in mind. For every person on the staff that reaches their quarterly goal, a sum of money will be donated to a shared fund. How the money is spent is decided by the staff.

Here we are a year later. So what can we conclude after having a personal PT on our wrists for the past twelve months? Well we haven’t turned into a bunch of carb allergic cross fit monsters counting every ounce of protein. But there’s no doubt that we can see positive effects. Everyone has started exercising more, and even though not everyone reached their goal every quarter the activity trackers have motivated everyone to perform a bit extra.

Just another day at the office?

What does this mean in practice then? Our total sick leave has gone down by almost 60 % even though our total number of employees have increased. We’ve always had a low sick leave at Gambit but we still try to work in a proactive way to keep it that way. Another addition the past year has been a couple of standing desks to use when you get tired of sitting all day.

We will continue with our activity campaign during 2016 since we’ve been very pleased with the results so far. Now we just have to decide how to spend our money – foosball table, boxing bag or just a ton of candy?