Our values

Find out more about the things we value, both as people and as a company.

Nice to see you

Attempting to cut costs by outsourcing the workforce is sadly becoming more and more common.  We prefer to keep our people right where we are.

The advantage of working and meeting face to face on a daily basis can’t be underestimated.

People in meeting

Confetti in the air

Have some fun

With hard work comes to the need to relax. That’s why we always meet up every now and then outside of work to do something completely different.

That means anything from a sweet summertime barbeque, watching hockey or playing Dungeons and Dragons.


Speak your mind

We hire people who we know can do a good job. That’s why we can trust them to make great decisions without constantly being micro-managed.

We also try to stay away from a top to bottom hierarchy as much as possible. Discussions on development and design are always done with an open-mind so we can avoid getting stuck in old patterns.


Do good

Helping those in need matters, whether it’s a small or big gesture. For the past years, we’ve co-operated with Project liv, an association that help children suffering from long-term illnesses.

We provided Project liv with a combined website and web shop – a tool that will help them to help more kids.