Walki is a growing international group specialized in Consumer Packaging, Industrial Packaging and Engineered Materials. They operate in twelve countries with customers across the entire globe. In total, their workforce consist of some 1000 people and their annual net sales was around 400 million euros last year.

Container planning

Their plant in Valkeakoski produces and ships tons of industrial size reels every day of the year. Part of the material travel across continents making logistics planning a crucial part of their business. An experienced logistics planner knows how to optimize a container to fit the maximum number of reels, but it takes a lot of valuable time involving both Walki and the customer.

Together with the logistics team at Walki, we sat down to figure out a better solution. The challenge was two-fold. One: mathematically optimizing cargo loads. Two: Visualizing the load while making it easy to use for everyone.

Image of reels with the Walki company logo

Sustainability is in the core of everything we do at Walki, and the positive outcome of this project is that we have managed to decrease our carbon footprint while simultaneously reducing costs and increasing customer satisfaction. Truly a win-win situation and this all by shipping less air and more material in every container.

Frank Dahlbacka, Group Supply Chain Director at Walki

Rapid prototyping and planning

We started the project like we so often do with a prototype of the app. It needed to show the entire process from selecting your products, reel sizes and the type of container, all the way to adding user information and getting the finalized quote and cargo load visualization.

Once we knew we were on the same page with the prototype, we did a detailed plan laying out the mathematical and technical aspects of the project. We combined our skills of using Java Play for the backend of the web app with our 3D capabilities in Unity to visualize the load structure.

Gambit was the right partner for us in this project as the company possesses the mixture of mathematical and design skills we were looking for. The team that worked on the solution had both the willingness to listen to our suggestions and opinions as well as the capability to come up with own ideas.

Frank Dahlbacka, Group Supply Chain Director at Walki

Going live

The end-result is a visually pleasing and easy to use experience that helps Walki plan shipments and send offer quotes to customers in no time. The app goes hand in hand with Walki’s transition to a zero-waste future in packaging and promoting energy efficiency.

Client Walki
When was this? Launched December ‘19
Scope Medium
Technical details Java Play backend with Unity frontend
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