A couple of years ago Business Finland started a project called Reboot IoT Factory. A collaboration between industrial leaders, top research facilities and expert solution providers. They had a lofty goal in mind – to revolutionize the competitiveness of the Finnish manufacturing industry through digitalization.

A number of challenges were posted dealing with everything from logistics and robotics to worker productivity and well-being. One of the participating companies was ABB and their Smart Power factory in Vaasa. ABB was interested in seeing how technology could be used to improve productivity and well-being of people working on the factory floor.

Together with ABB and another local vendor, Parta Games, we began work on a Proof of Concept for optimizing the production workflow at the Smart Power factory here in Vaasa. A lot of existing data was already available but not put to good use. To do that, we built a competency matrix that processes the data on how each assembly line is performing.

After analyzing the data, we send it back to ABB’s own systems where it can be used in many different ways. It can help a factory line supervisor see how work is progressing in real time and react quicker to potential problems.

The concept developed for the project have the potential to work as a template for how ABB can continue to digitalize their factories and boost productivity and competitiveness across the board.

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